Arrington Magny’s Artwork – An Interior Designer’s Favorite

Interior DesignThe first time I ran across Arrington Magny’s art was in a beautiful New Orleans gallery. I fell in love with her unique style at once. The pieces on the walls all spoke in a soft yet potent voice. Their unconventional but simple elegance resonated so profoundly within me.

A few days later, I was privileged to meet the artist. I expected to encounter an older gentleman, so you can easily imagine my surprise when a delightful young lady presented herself to me. I discovered a bright person,radiant with grace; a well travelled young artist whose work had been shown in Paris and Venice.

Yet, she was eminently humble. “I love working with interior designers,” she told me. (That was a first!). She introduced me to her “Designer series”: beautiful sets of 3, 6 or 12 original framed pieces. I immediately recognized the potential of these series. They were entirely original, extremely well priced, and versatile enough.

She and I started a collaboration that has only grown stronger ever since. Finding a gifted artist who’s able to listen and understand what I want as a designer is a privilege.

She can show her pictures of a room, of a fabric, of a piece and furniture and she’ll always come up with the perfect artwork to complement it.

I know that she’s called to bigger and better things in the art world. Her profile is growing and I know that speculators will soon make her artwork too expensive for me. In the meantime, I share her beautiful creations with my clients as often as I can. Best part is: they give me all the credit!

Carrie Alberts
Carrie Alberts Design