Easy Ways to Improve Safety on Construction Sites

Safety is of utmost importance on construction sites. The industry is one that can put workers at high risk of injury and even death. Maintaining safety on a construction site requires constant vigilance. And it can’t be done by simply writing a health and safety policy document. It’s important to acknowledge potential risks across a construction site. Site managers must do anything possible to manage these risks. Construction site safety might be the main role of a particular person on site. But it’s up to each worker to play their part in keeping everyone safe. There are always new technologies and techniques to keep people safe on construction sites. Here are some of the main ways that sites can maintain health and safety.

Construction Safety Board

Ensuring Use of Safety Equipment

One of the most important ways to maintain safety on a construction site is ensuring that all workers use appropriate safety equipment. It’s essential that everyone who works on the site receives the required training. Everyone must know the appropriate tools and equipment to use in different situations. This could be anything from using AliSafe truck access platforms to wearing a harness for roof work. These are the very basics of health and safety on the construction site, but enforcing these rules can be difficult. You can improve the chances of workers following regulations by having regular meetings about potential hazards on site.

Good Housekeeping

Keeping a clean and tidy work site is essential to ensuring workers are safe. Safety on construction sites isn’t just about major accidents, like falling off a roof or malfunctioning machinery. Construction sites are full of tools, materials, equipment and waste. So it’s important to make sure that everything is kept neat to prevent trips and falls, as well as prevent fires. Putting a housekeeping rota in place can help to ensure that everything remains tidy. Relying on workers to constantly pick up after themselves doesn’t always work. Larger sites might have a person whose dedicated role is to keep the site tidy.

Security Measures

It’s important to keep not just the construction workers safe, but the general public too. Part of this involves ensuring that no one from the general public can gain access to the site. Installing security measures might include having a guard on site when there is no work taking place. You may even need one when there are workers present. Some sites might also use CCTV and security alarms, so the site can be monitored remotely, without a physical presence. Security measures such as these can also help to prevent fire.

Maintain Communication

Communication is key when it comes to health and safety on a construction site. Taking the time to communication rules, regulations and best practices to workers can make a big difference. Communication can happen in several formats, from daily talks to posters, hand signals, and warning signs. It’s important that everything is clear and everyone knows what they should be doing to maintain safety in any situation. Communication can be low-cost and easy to implement.

Photo by Elliott Brown