Amazing New Technologies In The World Of Construction And Engineering

Construction Engineering


Here at Civil Engineer, we are obsessed with any technology that can make a project more efficient. We love forward thinking designs and processes that test the boundaries of engineering. Engineering has always been about forging new technology. It’s about creating something from nothing and making difficult processes easier. The construction site is no different. We are big fans of anything that makes this process smoother and more efficient. In this post we’re looking at some of the best new technologies in the world of construction. 


You may have heard the whispers about drone technology. They are already being used heavily by the entertainment industry to carry cameras high into the sky. They secure wide, panoramic shots. Amazon also teased the idea of delivery drones that could transport packages efficiently. In the construction world, drones are tentatively being used for surveys. By hovering over construction sites, project managers can assess and survey remotely. The practical applications of this are only just being explored. 

Plastic injection moulding 

Plastic injection moulding is revolutionising the process of product development. Both in the engineering world and the construction world, this is improving efficiency. Products, tools and equipment can be quickly developed and moulded by clever machines. It works by injecting hot liquid plastic into a mould. The result is a fully functional product almost immediately. Fast and practical. That’s what we like to see in engineering. 

Regenerating concrete 

Concrete has been a staple of the construction world for decades. There are few better ways to solidify and strengthen buildings and foundations. However, it does have one flaw. Concrete is prone to wear and tear. It expands and contracts due to weather conditions. Eventually, it will crack and break down. New technology has produced a regenerating concrete. It’s a self healing concrete that can minimise the process of cracking.

Aerogel insulation 

Environmental consciousness is at its highest point ever. More and more buildings must comply with environmental regulations. Governments, businesses and home buyers now demand green credentials. One way to improve the eco design of a building is through insulation. Aerogel is the best and most efficient insulation that currently exists. It is injected into the gaps in buildings and expands to fill. Not only is it practical, it is the best performing insulation in the world. It keeps the heat in during winter and keeps the building cool during the summer. 

Super strong silk 

Engineers are finally creating material that is as thin and strong as a spider’s web. A spider’s natural web is one of the strongest substances on the planet. The closest thing we have access to is silk, which still requires the work of a silkworm! But, now engineers have come up with a unique way to replicate it synthetically. The substance is stronger than steel and much more flexible. This will be used to strengthen buildings and create elaborate designs. It could change the entire nature of the building process. 

Engineers will always look to the future and look for more efficient ways to move forwards. These are just some of the most exciting technologies on the horizon.