6 Advantages of Drone Surveying

Taking a survey of your property is necessary for drawing up proper legal property lines. You need to know boundaries before beginning any major construction, fencing, or adding service roads. Below are six ways using drone surveying services can give you an advantage.

Improved Resolution

Both helicopters and airplanes can take aerial video and pictures, but a drone has an advantage in being able to fly closer to the ground. The resulting images and data gathered from the drone are sharper and of higher resolution than the information taken from a plane or helicopter. It allows for increased accuracy of information. Images with greater detail allow for better decision-making in property use.

Access the Inaccessible

Areas with dense brush, trees, ponds, rivers, steep embankments, swamps, and marshes are nearly impossible to access for accurate surveying results. Skewed results can render the survey useless in some cases. Drones can access areas that seem impossible. A drone can hone in on areas that are in question due to lack of visual sighting. The results are a complete picture of the property as a whole.

Quick Data Retrieval

Trained, professional drone pilots have experience in gathering the information you need quickly. An “as the crow flies” capability cuts down on the time it would take a survey crew to access further reaches of significant properties. The drone will record all of the information needed and head back in in a fraction of the time it would take human efforts.

Safety of Survey Crews

Sending a survey crew out in areas that have rough, uneven terrain, cliffs, embankments, loose gravel, fast-running water, and tough brush place them in jeopardy. An injury can happen with little to no warning. Using a drone to get a close-up aerial view helps protect crews from danger.

Perfect Equipment for Mapping, Surveys, and Inspections

Drone services are perfect for conducting property surveys, mapping, and conducting on-site inspections. All of these can be done quickly and with little interruption to any ongoing construction work. You will have a complete picture that is up-to-date and incredibly accurate, which is needed when large projects are depending on the right data.

Cost-Effective Results

Getting an accurate survey does not have to cost a bunch of money. The ability to survey property using little human involvement, in less time, and gaining better results all amount to drone services being a real value for you as a property owner.

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