Top storage solutions for schools

School Locker DesignSchool teachers and headmasters will know better than anyone how many things children nowadays need to bring with them into the classroom – and that it’s also handy to have somewhere for them to store their books, bags and other equipment that’s not being used.

Aside from anything else, it’s sensible to reduce the amount of things kids carry around with them during the day, as this prevents items from getting lost, or bags being left in corridors where they could trip other children up.

So, if you are looking to overhaul your school’s storage facilities, what products should be on your must-buy list?


It goes without saying that lockers should be made available to your pupils one way or another. The size of the lockers you choose will depend on several factors, including what your students will need to store, how often they’ll be able to return to them during the day and how much room you have for them.

There are lots of products on the market that will cater for your needs – including locker units featuring thin, tall storage spaces and those that have more, but smaller, compartments stacked above one another. The latter is probably more appropriate for books and other school equipment, but don’t forget to think about the height of the lockers, too.

Remember that you may have short students who are unable to reach high lockers, so choose your storage units wisely. If you do go for a taller option, consider whether you can allocate all the lockers on the top level to older students who are more likely to be able to reach them.

Changing room benches

Benches for changing rooms are another thing you’ll probably need in your school, as this will give the kids somewhere to leave their clothes when they have a PE lesson. Changing room benches with hooks are probably your best option, as they have room for clothes to be hung up, as well as space under the seat where bags can be stored out of the way.

Depending on how large your changing room is, you may want to consider buying a few double-sided benches, which are perfect for use in the middle of a big space, while single-sided products are obviously preferable if you’ll be lining them up against the walls.

Storage boxes

In certain subjects, you’ll need to have a lot of odds and ends on hand for students to use. Art, design and technology and science are three classes that come to mind where additional storage within the classroom would be handy.

Purchasing a series of robust storage boxes, or even a unit that has been designed to hold multiple containers, is therefore a good way to help your teaching staff keep their classrooms tidy and organised.

Having several separate containers for different tools and materials will also make it easy for children to know where everything should be kept – especially if you choose plastic boxes in various colours that are used to denote different items, for example.

If there is equipment that is shared between various classes, you may find it is more appropriate to choose a mobile trolley on wheels for your storage solution, as this will enable you to easily move things from one room to another.

If you work in a school, is there any additional storage you’d like to see introduced to the classroom?