4 Things To Consider Before You Build Your Own Home

Building your own home is one of life’s great pursuits. It is one of the most challenging and stressful things you will ever do. However, the sense of achievement and accomplishment that comes with it is worth every second. Building a house is on many people’s ‘must-do’ list and with good reason. It’s your chance to put your own stamp on your home. It’s the the only chance to design and build a house with you and your family in mind. 

Despite the benefits of self-building, it is not a task to be undertaken lightly. It requires a huge investment of time, energy and money. A build can take up to two years and can get very expensive. Then there’s the question of how involved you’ll be. Are you happy to project manage yourself? Or will you need to hire all of the contractors? There are numerous considerations and we’ve listed some of the most important here. 

Build Own Home

  1. What’s your budget? 

The budget is the single most important thing to keep in check on a self-build. Unless you are very careful, costs can spiral out of control. There are hundreds of hidden costs, not to mention the unforeseeable problems that may crop up. The budget should take into account the purchase of the initial land and the construction itself. You’ll then need to consider the necessary insurances and regulations. There are contractors to pay and any loss of your own earnings to consider while you oversee the project. Everything down to building materials must be considered. Finally, have an emergency fund built into your budget. Things will go wrong and you’ll need to fix them! 

  1. Check the reputation of your main contractors 

Your build is only as good as your contractors. The three most important are your architect, your builder and your project manager. Make sure you get the very best. Of course, the best come with a price tag. However, they will get the job done faster, better and with less hiccups. They’ll save you money through time and elimination of future problems. When it comes to building a house, always think of the long term. 

  1. Think Green

 Building your own home is the perfect time to consider the green alternatives to energy. Take the opportunity to install renewable energy sources like solar or wind power. Lay efficient underfloor heating and invest in super insulation and triple glazing. Building your home from the ground up allows you to make those green changes. Again, there is an additional cost involved, but the savings in the long run are massive. Always think ahead. 

  1. Think of resale 

This build may be your dream home, but always look ahead to the future. It is impossible to predict what lays ahead and there may come a time when you need to sell. With that in mind, don’t go too wild with the additional extras. Don’t compromise on your dreams and ideas, but keep it universally usable. Try to avoid anything that would put off future buyers. 

These are the key things to consider before buying a house. Of course, there are many, many more specifics to get into. But, this should give you a good overview. Are you ready to build your own home?