Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

Your sump pump is one of the most important components of your house.  Although it mainly works on its own, it needs to have maintenance done on a regular basis in order to keep it operating properly. Usually a sump pump is located in the basement or a crawl space.  It pumps income water outside before it is able to damage the inside of your house.

Failing to properly care for your sump pump could be disastrous: expensive repairs and water damage.  In the springtime, the soil surrounding your house might be saturated after the winter rains in Portland. All of the moisture may lead to excessive moisture underneath your house.  

The following are some essential sump pump maintenance tips. 

1. Test it on a regular basis. 

Your sump pump should be tested in order to confirm that it is operating correctly. Pour a bucket full of water down the sump pit. When that is done, the pump should turn on immediately.  Take the water out of the pit, and shut it off for a few seconds. Make sure that the check valve and float switch are able to move freely and that there isn’t anything in their way.  Also check the discharge line in order to ensure that it is not frozen or obstructed.  Also, if it has a clogged inlet screen, clear it of any debris or residue.  

2. Change the batteries

If there are batteries backing up your sump pump, make sure to replace the batteries every two or three years, or as directed by the manufacturer.  If you feel that a new sump pump is required then read these online reviews before purchase.

3. Clean your sump pump.

Take the pump out at least once a year.  Start by disconnecting the pump from power.  Use water to flush it out thoroughly to get rid of any standing debris. While you still have it out, remove debris, mud, stones, and anything else inside of the sump pit.  Put the sump pump back and reconnect it with the power. Pour a bucket of water into it to test the unit to ensure that your sump sump is still functioning correctly.  

4. Make your that the outside of your house is also maintained well. 

A basement flood is often very damaging.  In order to avoid that, seal any cracks that are in the foundation, windows, or walls.  Also, clean the downspouts and gutters on a regular basis so that everything is able to drain properly. You also need to ensure that the grading surrounding your hose is properly designed.  It needs to slope away from your foundation so that the water can wash away. The buildup of water can occur very quickly.  If the exterior of your home is not taken care of properly, your basement might be damaged right away.  In normal conditions a sump pump will work well, but it cannot overcome having a faulty design.