Selecting the Perfect Pillow! Consider colors, lifestyle, and the style of your room

Pillow DecorGet inspiration for colors by looking around your home. Look at the colors in your rugs, carpets, furniture, draperies, etc for ideas! Try to pick pillows with colors found in the opposite side of a room. This will make things stick together better and is pleasing to the eye. Pillow Decor is able to cross-reference its pillow colors to paint colors by Benjamin Moore and Pantone to help you find the perfect match!

Think about the way you live your life and how you want to use the room you’re purchasing pillows for. In a room where there are going to be children or pets, make sure to pick a material that is durable and easy to clean. Faux suede is a good choice for that kind of use. Mix and match those with things like tapestry pillows, faux furs, washable cottons and cotton/polyester blends and silk-like polyester pillows. If you are going for a more formal living room space, try to use silk throw pillows and pillows that are more delicate and have beading and tassels.

Always think about the size of the throw pillows you’re going to use. Take into account the size of your furniture as well. If you use pillows that are too large on a small chair/sofa, it will look out of proportion. If you use too few pillows and pillows that are too small on a large sofa things will look out of balance. Most people will pick a 17” x 17” to 22” x 22” throw pillow for a sofa. Remember, dimension are based on the size of the pillow cover without the insert. Pillows always look smaller when they are stuffed.

To bring an interesting look to your room, use different shapes and textures in your pillows. Use larger pillows at the back or in the corners of your sofa, and a smaller throw pillow in front. On the other end of the sofa, use a rectangular throw pillow.

You can always use magazines to get ideas for different styles. Decorative pillows can help you express yourself They’re much cheaper than buying a new sofa or carpet. Also, you can change out the designs every couple months easily. If you have a theme carried throughout the house, it is easy to just move your throw pillows between the different rooms whenever you want to!