3 Tips How To Pick A Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Fruits are a necessity in our diets. They provide different vitamins to our bodies which help support different body functions such as boost our immunity among others. There are many types of fruits. One of the types of fruits is the exotic fruits. An example of this type of fruit is the dragon fruit. It is exotic because of the presence of scales that cover it. It is also known as the cactus fruit. The dragon fruit has many nutrients such as the antioxidants, good fatty acids and vitamin C essential for our bodies.

Since it is not such a common fruit, someone encountering it for the first time may wonder how it is picked given that it has thorns. If you are such a person then the following is a guide of how to pick a dragon fruit.


The color of the fruit is an important guiding factor when it comes to picking the dragon fruit. Like the other common fruits, an unripe fruit is green while a ripe fruit may be yellow or red in color. The color should be even and it should not have color patches. A fruit that has blotches is an indicator that it is overripe hence not the best choice to be picked.

Wings of The Fruit

The wings of the fruit are the leafy part. For one to know if the fruit is ripe, the wings should be dried out or be brown in color. Wings of the cactus that are green in color show that the fruit is not yet ripe. Such fruits should not be picked since they don’t ripen easily when picked, instead, they should be given more days for them to ripen properly.

The Thorns

The dragon fruit is from the cactus tree hence has thorns. These thorns will help one to determine whether it is ready to be picked. A fruit whose thorns are shedding off is an indication that it is ripe. Once it starts shedding off the thorns then the rest can be removed easily by being scrapped off or plucked by pliers.


One should monitor the changing color of the fruits. This will guide them on when to pick. The recommended time is four days after the color of the fruit changes. However, this will depend on where the fruit is being taken. If its destination takes several days then harvesting them after a day of color change is the recommended time.

Tools Needed for Picking

Being a fruit that is thorny in nature, one will need to protect themselves so that they don’t get hurt in the process. One will need some protective gloves to ensure they don’t get pricked by the thorns of the flesh. Pliers are also necessary since they will be used to pluck the thorns from the fruits.

Storage after Picking

The picked dragon fruits should be stored well so that they still retain their freshness. They should be refrigerated between forty-five and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. When properly stored, especially in the freezer the dragon fruit can last up to three months.