Far-Infrared Heating: Cheaper, Faster, Easier

Office Infrared Heating Panels

Infrared heating is the latest in advanced energy technology and the early signs suggest it will replace gas and oil in the not too distant future. The reason for that is because far infrared lights are far less expensive than electricity and natural gases and because our bodies naturally need Far-infrared heating it is better for our health and the environment.

Far-infrared heat is part of the natural light spectrum we get from the sun and, unlike UV rays, is a vital ingredient for our well being. The beauty about Far-infrared heat is that it heats the fabric of the building rather than the air and reduces damp and mould as well as your energy bills.

The energy savings you get from infrared heating is unmatched. Studies show that Far-infrared is up to 70 per cent more cost-effective than traditional electric heating methods and around 50 per cent less expensive than gas and oil. It also 100% carbon free this is better for the environment and will lower the amount of green tax you have to pay once the levy is enforced.

Far-infrared heating is good for your health

When people hear the term infrared light they are immediately concerned the effects might be harmful. In actual fact, it is the complete opposite at it is the sun´s natural infrared light particles that are good for our body. As a consequence infrared lighting treatments are becoming very popular.

Just from warming your home, the effects of Far-infrared heating has clinical benefits such as increasing blood circulation and reducing blood pressure, is sympathetic to your nervous system and reduces dust so is better for asthma and allergy sufferers. Not only that, but it keeps your home cosy and warm for 24-hours.

Far-infrared light has proven to be so effective that it is being used as a healing agent by natural and alternative practitioners, health coaches and chiropractors to cure numerous ailments including back pain, low blood pressure, sleeping disorders, muscle pain, blood disorders and diabetes.

Why Far-infrared light is the future of heating

Far-infrared heating offers far more benefits than any other energy source currently on trial. Given oil and gas resources are running dry and electricity is expensive, the world needs a reliable energy source for the future that is cost-effective and good for the environment.

Despite the handful of other heating solutions on the market, Far-infrared heating is the best option. Sun, wind and wave powered energy plants do not produce enough power for large-scale projects, nuclear plants expose us to fatal dangers and bio-heaters are inconvenient because you have to keep filling them up with fuel to keep your house heated – and most bio-heaters are fitted outdoors!

Another advantage far-infrared heating has over other forms is that it is easier to install and you can include appliances as part of your home design much like the soon-to-be-outdated radiator. Of all the energy sources available Far-infrared heating is more cost-effective, easier to install, and heats your home quicker.