Avoid Having Wrong Attitude During Job Interviews

Job Interview AttitudeThere are a number of different behaviors during an interview that can cause you to come across as a negative person, or simply a person who does not have the right positive attitude for the job in question.

Coming across as a negative person can be the result of a wide variety of different behaviors that occur during the interviewing process. For example, if you should happen to make complaint regarding previous jobs, positions, bosses, co workers, colleagues or companies can send a rather negative message to your prospective employer, and should be avoided at all costs.

Something else that can create a negative impression is inappropriate body language. The following body language actions can all offer a negative message to the person who is interviewing you

                        – Hunching down

                        – Slumping in the chair

                        – Avoiding eye contact with the interviewer

                        – Looking down constantly

                        – Folding your arms over your chest

                        – Fiddling with your hair

                        – Fiddling with items on the desk

                        – speaking inaudibly

                        – speaking quietly

                        – mumbling − the use of words like ‘like’ or ‘um’ repeatedly

There are also a number of verbal and non-verbal signals that give off a negative attitude to the person who is interviewing you, including but not limited to It is important that you practice your answers to test interview questions, and your questions about the company in front of a mirror in order to improve the tone of your voice and your positive body language. By practicing beforehand, you can eliminate flaws in your interview demeanor which can give you a better chance of being successful in your interview.