Uses for White Perspex Sheets in Your DIY Projects

As the weather warms up and spring being just around the corner, all those little jobs around the house start to get done, whether it’s replacing a hinge on a kitchen cabinet or replacing a broken shed window. Having all the right tools for any DIY job is essential but so is having the right materials for the task too. If you need to source any materials for a DIY project you have planned, the best place to start looking is online. This includes buying white perspex sheets which are great for use on many home projects because they are so very versatile.

Perspex Sheeting

White perspex sheeting is such a versatile material to use in DIY projects

Shading for a Greenhouse

If you need to create a shady corner in your greenhouse, using white perspex sheeting is one of the best and most affordable options. Not only will the sheets provide a shady area in the greenhouse, but they are much more resilient than glass, in fact five times stronger which means the sheets, once cut to size and in place will last a lifetime and then some.

Great in Kids Rooms

If you have children and would like to make them a drawing board that will last forever and which can be washed down when needed, then consider using a sheet of white perspex which you can place in a wooden or other type of frame. Kids will love the board and you reduce the chances of them drawing or writing on their bedroom walls!

A Brilliant Choice for Poster Framing

You may have a collection of very nice posters which would look great up on a wall but have been put away in a cupboard instead. White perspex sheeting is a brilliant choice of material to use for poster framing. The best part is you can get the perspex cut to the size where you buy it whether in a shop or online so all that’s left for you to do is frame the poster which would be securely fixed with a classy white perspex backing.

A brilliant solution to make a kid’s drawing board that can be wiped clean

White Perspex Sheeting: The Perfect Splash-back Solution

If you are planning to revamp your garage or workshop and need to put in a sink, one of the best options to use as a splash-back is a sheet of white perspex. Easy to cut to size, and very simple to fit on a wall, the perspex will sit flush to the wall and prevent any water from getting into it. The other real bonus of using it as a splash-back on a sink is that it’s incredibly easy to keep clean.

Work Table Protectors

If you need to place some sort of protection on a table top that you frequently work on then consider using a white perspex sheet which will not only do the job really well, but it’s extremely easy to keep clean and is durable to boot. This is especially true if you do a lot of cutting on the table in question.

A Choice of Grades Available

There are various grades to choose from which means no matter what DIY project you have planned, you’ll easily find one that meets your requirements whether it’s to be used in a sun room, to repair a sunbed or to build a reptile tank for the kids.

Do You Need Thermoformed Perspex?

These days you can have perspex sheets thermoformed and made into a specialist shape to suit your DIY project which is worth knowing about if you have a DIY project that’s a little more complex or ornate and which needs a specific shape to complete the task in a professional looking way.


White perspex sheeting is one of the most versatile materials around and can be used in a variety of DIY projects in the home whether it’s a new project like building a reptile tank to repairing a window pane or two on your greenhouse. You can get the perspex thermoformed to the shape you need for your project which is something definitely worth knowing about when you are planning a more complex DIY task that you would like to make as professional looking as possible.

Image Credits: One A.M. Creations and diversionmary