How A Solar Companies Database Can Help Grow Your Solar Business

Solar CompanyThe solar industry is an exciting and growing industry. Thousands of new solar companies are being formed every year and millions of consumers looking for ways to efficiently ‘Go solar’.

However, this means competition for solar product manufacturers, distributors and installers…lots of it!

According to GTM Research, the U.S. solar industry is going to hit the 362,000 installations in 2016 and solar companies will spend more than $1 billion to get the customer leads needed. 

Customer acquisition is a big challenge and any solar companies looking to succeed will probably want to the effort to research the competition and survey the marketplace before rolling out marketing plans. 

A comprehensive solar companies database can be used to conduct market research via surveys for new solar products, and it is a great way for businesses to quickly browse all the competitors in the marketplace and take the best ideas from all of them to use for their own business.

With one of the most up to date and thorough sets of data available, any solar company can gain an advantage in the marketplace and likely get a good return on investment. 

The solar companies database is available for instant download at