11 Powerful Reasons to Utilize Forklifts

The importance of maintaining an inventory of reliable and durable lift trucks in product manufacture, warehousing and distribution cannot be understated.  They are indispensable pieces of equipment, crucial for the efficient running of day-to-day operations, which can influence end-of-line productivity and profitability, safeguard personnel and add tremendous value to the moving and storage of materials and product.


During the various processes of receiving, put-away, storage, order picking, packing and shipping, the streamlining and expediting of stock movement is a cornerstone to catalyzing organizational performance and profitability.  Here we look at 11 immediate operational benefits of harnessing the power and flexibility offered by performance-specific lift trucks:

  1. Optimize volume per man-hour and reduce truck time at the receiving dock by increasing material handling efficiency.
  2. Faster movement of product over a larger area in less time.
  3. Precision navigation of greater product loads through challenging, sensitive or tricky worksite areas, conditions, environments and terrain.
  4. Improve employee retention, satisfaction, safety and security through the minimization of lifting and movement hazards leading to work-related accidents and injuries.
  5. Reduction in the time-lapse between receiving and movement of the product to pick locations.
  6. Efficient slotting of inventory into appropriate picking locations to minimize wasted storage space.
  7. Optimize use of vertical storage space through precision product placement.
  8. Reduction in labor costs during order picking and packing through speedier picking on a per hour basis.
  9. Boost productivity by decreasing the time between the picking and departure of orders.
  10. Minimize loading and shipping dock time.
  11. Increase customer satisfaction through shortened turnaround times on orders.

Whether your business requires a light, medium or heavy-duty fork lift, order picker, pallet jack, reach truck or a sit-down rider truck, tailoring a lift device’s intended use and features to your specific work environment will undoubtedly maximize daily performance.