Why Thread Protectors are Essential to a Projects Success

Oil-field tubular joints are exposed to all kinds of harsh conditions during transport, storage and handling before they are installed into a well. The pipe ends which are threaded are generally equipped with premium threads, and have to many times withstand accidental impact during loading from the mill to the well, plus during cleaning and inspection once at the well site itself. These threaded ends are also exposed frequently to environments that are corrosive during storage.

Connections of premium quality, more than regular ones, rely on threads which are precision-engineered and seals that are accurately constructed within tolerances which are narrow. The sealing mechanism is obtained through interference of the metal surfaces which are smooth, found at the front part of the area which is threaded. Premium threads are not only expensive, but are vulnerable to distortion of the critical area that could lead to the seal malfunctioning and string failure, causing a high level of production losses. It is therefore vital that the tubing is protected all the way to the rig floor using thread protectors as the main way to do this.

When installing pipes, it is really important to use line pipe protectors. You will save money, time and difficulties by using these simple protectors on water and oil industry jobs. Thread protectors guard the threads that are found at the end of pipes during transportation or storage. They keep them free of dust, dirt and pests which may turn up during the process, and are generally made of plastic or steel. You’ll greatly lower the downtime and delays on a job by using these protectors, and also make sure that your operation is running professionally and properly as it should.

The oil industry

In the oil industry, these thread protectors are highly important. They will protect the pipes from the rough handling of the oil field workers, plus the harsh weather conditions which are many times present at the sites for oil drilling. Pipes could also need a long time in storage before they are actually used at the sites, so the protectors keep them safe from damage during this time too. An initial investment could save an oil business a lot of money and time, plus makes sure that the site remains safe for everyone.

Water transport

It is also very important to keep water safe and clean for human consumption while it is being transported. Line pipe protectors stop contamination of the water from any odours, rust or chemical reactions and other natural elements that are harmful. The water well industry depends on these pipe and pipe protection products being manufactured to enable the safe delivery of clean water.

Pipes which are used in the water industry have to be preserved and protected when in transport. During this time, pipes are exposed to dust and dirt and are at risk for being damaged. Thread protectors will keep the pipes protected from these elements which are harmful by screwing onto the ends of the pipes. It is as simple product which makes sure there is efficiency and safety on the job site.

Thread protection is an essential technology for anyone working in the oil and water industries. Keeping the valuable pipes that are used in this kind of business is the key to delivering sound projects in a safe and efficient manner. Orderliness, safety and cleanliness can’t be overlooked in the oil and water industries, and the technology of pipe protection is essential in having a reliable and smooth running operation.