Understanding Telecom Engineering Services and the Scope of Work of Telecom Engineers

Telecom EngineeringIn the present day and era, our lives are run almost entirely through electronic means. If you want to contact a business associate, you write them an email. If you want some catering done, you either call or email the catering company. As you can begin to see, electronic communication is a very important and inevitable part of our lives. The question remains, who makes all of this possible? How does it all come together?

Telecom engineering

Telecom engineering is one of the least known careers and university courses. Be that as it may, it is also one of the most important disciplines that make our lives, jobs and simply most things around us tick. Telecom engineering is a branch or discipline of engineering that is concerned with enhancing telecommunication networks.

It does this through combining the best of electrical engineering and computer science to give you professionals, who are not only responsible for the designing of telecommunications facilities and equipment but also overseeing the installation of all of these systems. Some of the notable facilities and equipment include fiber optics, copper telephone facilities and electronic switching systems.

The scope of the work of a telecom engineer

Before we get into what a telecom engineer really does, we have to first of all understand that this career overlaps by huge margins with broadcast engineering. This is because a telecom engineer is responsible for building the systems that broadcast engineers use. Perhaps the biggest part of a telecom engineer’s work is building the systems that are used to broadcast information and enhance communication that are used by broadcast engineers.

Apart from that, telecoms engineering are by huge margins the people who hold the Internet together. One might say that the thousands of servers that hold the billions of websites and their information are the ones that do this. This is a valid argument. Think about it: What would the internet be without the ability of the websites to ensure that the information they hold and present reaches the end-user? It is the telecom engineer’s job to build the infrastructure though which all of this happens.

Other fields that it integrates and overlaps

When one starts his/her telecom engineering career, he/she quickly learn that their job is tied to the following engineering disciplines:

  • Electronics
  • Electrical engineering and
  • Civil engineering

Telecom engineering touches heavily on the above disciplines and goes on to build itself out of these and other fields and disciplines: most of them engineering related and others much less so.