Top 3 Themes for Interior Design

Whether home is a ranch house in the country, a condo by the sea or one of the luxury apartments in Manayunk, it should be a place that brings you comfort and enjoyment every time you open the door. As such, you can express yourself through the interior design of your home — there are many ways to go about this, but keeping a theme is a great way to go. Here are three timeless themes for interior design that are guaranteed to make your house feel like home.


The beauty and intrigue of the ocean is truly invigorating, and it’s easy to bring its essence into your home with nautical decor. Deep blue, navy, white, cream and gray tones shine through in nautical design, with an emphasis on thick stripes, crosshatch patterns and natural wooden accents. Nautical themes often use naval and oceanic motifs such as anchors, swordfish, dolphins, lighthouses and even boat wheels.

Farmhouse Chic

A longstanding classic, farmhouse style is all about capturing the charm of vintage country life. White, cream and gray tones are balanced out with warm browns and plenty of natural wood accents, and distressed or reclaimed decor adds to the aesthetic. Sliding barn doors, wreaths of flowers, Edison lights and old signs reign supreme in this theme.


It’s hard not to appreciate the modern aesthetic — minimalism tends to take center stage in this theme, with monochrome color schemes in white, black, gray or brown. Black and white contrast is also very common with modern decor and can be found in bold striped or geometric accessories like pillows, armchairs and even lighting. Big windows and natural light are everything with modern design.

No matter how you choose to decorate your home, be sure to choose something that consistently brings you joy. If you’re ever unhappy with how your home is decorated, don’t be afraid to give the place a facelift and try new design schemes!