The Biggest Trends in Bathroom Remodel We’ve Seen This Year

While you’re considering the redesign of your bathroom, you should consider some trends that are currently making a splash. These trends include large format tile, frameless doors, and smoked glass. If you’re considering changing your bathroom this year, you might want to start by reading about the most popular trends in bathroom design. Then, you can choose the best style for your home.

Frameless Doors

One of the hottest home remodeling projects is a bathroom remodel. Some people opt to tear out the old bathroom and start fresh with a new design. But for others, the remodeling project is a chance to introduce a fresh trend, such as frameless doors. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, frameless doors are one of the most popular choices. These stylish, functional, and functional doors are a great way to add style to your bathroom.

Frameless shower doors are one of the biggest trends in bathroom remodel Ann Arbor for 2019. Framed doors have a metal frame to support the glass panels, while frameless ones are freestanding. Framed doors are more affordable but require support from a frame. Despite the advantages of frameless doors, these doors are not the most flexible and easy to install. However, frameless doors are a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Spa-like Bath Designs

One of the best ways to create a spa-like bath is to incorporate flexible lighting. While you may want to install a dimmer so that the light is not too harsh in the room, you can also place brighter fixtures around the vanity. These fixtures add the ultimate ambiance to your bathroom and are perfect for your spa-like bath design. You can also install a deep soak tub drain to add two additional inches of water.

One of the most popular trends in master bath design is to create a spa-like retreat. The design can help you relax and unwind and improve your mood. Of course, the space is smaller than other house rooms, but you can still get marble walls, which will give your bathroom an elegant look. You can also choose a luxurious shower instead of a traditional tub. This way, you can have your dream bathroom and enjoy the best spa experience without breaking the bank.

Large-format Tiles

Large-format tiles have become increasingly popular in recent years. They can use them on the walls and the floor to give the room a luxurious, elegant look.

To get the most out of these beautiful surfaces, consider incorporating large-format tiles in bathroom remodeling in Ann Arbor. These tiles are perfect for floors, walls, and showers. You can use them to cover the entire wall of the bathroom or to make a feature wall. They are also ideal for the backsplash. During bathroom remodeling, they can use large-format tiles in the shower. This type of tile is especially useful in small bathrooms where you want to create a dramatic look.

Smoked Glass

When remodeling a bathroom, you may want to consider using smoked glass. It is not only beautiful, but it can also be a convenient choice. The material is durable and comes in various styles, including the traditional wood finish. This type of glass can also be painted or stained to fit the room’s decor. Alternatively, you can use steel slabs, which offer extra security and protection from the elements. They are also much more durable and can be fitted flush with the surrounding wall. However, they do dent more easily.


Curtains and drapes are two common types of window treatments. While curtains are lightweight and often have a lining, drapes are made of heavier materials. These window treatments focus on privacy and aesthetics. Curtains and drapes are also available in panels for more expansive windows. Whether renovating an entire bathroom or just one window, it’s essential to understand which type will work best for your needs.

Bathrooms that lack modern conveniences aren’t always as practical as you’d like them to be. For example, you may have an old toilet, sink, or an odd location. Regardless of how old your bathroom is, adding a modern bathroom design can improve the functionality of your Ann Arbor home. In addition to improving functionality, a new bathroom design can improve the aesthetics of your entire home. For example, drapes are an essential part of bathroom remodeling and can be easily added to the creation of your room.