The Most Interesting Engineering Jobs on the Planet

Engineering is a huge field, and there are so many interesting jobs within it. If you’re thinking about starting a career in engineering, or you’re looking for a switch, here are the most interesting engineering jobs on the planet.

Computer Engineer

One of the fastest growing sectors in engineering is computer engineering. Many people are saying that there are not enough skilled employees to keep up with the incredible demand for computer engineers. Of course, the technology is improving and changing all the time, so the engineers need to be adaptable and constantly learning new things on the job. These are the people will be making the big technological breakthroughs in the year ahead. That means it will probably be computer engineers who shape the way we live in the future.

Engineering Jobs

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Oil Engineer Consultants

Oil engineers are responsible for the extraction process of oil. This often means that they have to work in offshore locations on oil rigs. They are the people that develop the latest technologies that help to make oil extraction safer and more efficient too. It’s a risky business, so it’s vital that oil extraction is made as safe as it can be. And if these technologies also help the companies to make more money and waste less oil, that can only be a good thing too. Engineer consultants at oil companies are always in demand, and that doesn’t look like changing soon.

Aerospace Engineer

What could be more fascinating the subject of space exploration? This is, without doubt, one of the most highly regarded jobs in the whole engineering world. These people are responsible for developing and design the equipment that might be used in outer space. Some of them might be working out ways to get to Mars and explore the planet. But most projects will be slightly more modest. They work at maintaining satellites and getting astronauts up to the space stations that orbit Earth.

Material Development

Everything that we use is made of a material. And, the chances are, that material has been tested and developed by an engineer whose job it is to make sure that materials are fit for their use. They develop plastics, metals and all kinds of other materials. Sometimes these materials end up being used for huge construction projects or industrial needs. And other times they’re used for much simpler purposes like making products that we all use at the home. Most of us don’t even think about these materials, but it’s someone’s job to develop them.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineering is an essential job that we all rely on, even if we don’t realise it. That’s because we all need and use electricity every day. And the only way we can get that electricity to us is if the electrical engineers of this world are doing their jobs properly. As a part of their jobs, they have to develop, design, test and supervise engineering products and equipment. This equipment can be used for commercial or consumer purposes, and they’re always looking for new ways to distribute electricity.