Take the Stress Out of Moving

While moving can be exciting, it comes with a lot of planning and work from the initial decision to move to unpacking the last box in your new place. One service to consider hiring when moving is a moving service because utilizing an experienced and professional moving company can make the move far less stressful and far more enjoyable for you and/or your family. Here are three things to consider when hiring a moving service.   


When it comes to helping you move your most precious and valuable assets, you do not want to trust the process to just anyone. When interviewing and researching moving services Tampa Florida, ask about the history of the company and the experience of the owners and movers. Looking at long-standing family-owned businesses who have established their business by customer satisfaction and quality work is a great place to start. Look for online reviews, ask for references, and check in with neighbors or other connections who might be able to endorse their experience.

Storage Solutions

If your move might entail a gap in time between moving out and moving in, you might need to consider storage solutions for your furniture and boxes. Checking out if your moving service also provides storage solutions will allow you to more easily coordinate moving your belongings and allow you to know your belongings are securely kept in a climate-controlled space.

Insurance and Liability Coverage

No one wants to think about the unthinkable happening but in those rare worst-case scenarios, you want to know that there is a back-up plan and resources to cover any catastrophic losses or damage to your belongings. Make sure you understand what protection you have or can opt-in for your move and also check with your own personal insurance provider about what coverage you have around the move too.  

Specialty Moving Service

Perhaps you have a particular heirloom or a large, valuable item which you want to ensure is moved safely and securely. Valuable artwork, antiques, and pianos are all commonly owned items which take extra knowledge and care to move them. Knowing what experience and equipment they have to help move large or extremely valuable items you might have will give you peace of mind as you plan your move every step of the way. Finally, if you are unsure if you will be available to thoroughly clean your home post-move out consider hiring your moving service to do the final cleaning.