The Fine Art of Repointing Brickwork

If you own a period property or an oldish one, you may have noticed the cement between the bricks is starting to crack and may then crumble eventually turning to dust. The cement that holds bricks in place is called “pointing”, and it’s not only older houses that suffer from it falling out because new houses too can be affected. If water gets into the cement at any time and then it freezes, this can weaken the pointing causing it to crack and fall out. When it comes to getting this repaired, the fine art of repointing brickwork really does come into its own, and the experts make it look easy.

Brick Chimney

Chimneys too often need professionally repointing

The Choice of Doing the Work Yourself or Calling in the Professionals

When it comes to repointing, you do have the option to do the work yourself. However, as previously mentioned there is a fine art to repointing brickwork so you achieve the right finish. There’s a lot of setting up to consider and then all the right tools will be needed to complete the job properly. You also have to factor in the time it takes to set up a safe scaffold tower or other means that offer a safe environment to work on the pointing.

Choosing to employ the services of experts, guarantees the work is done correctly with the minimum of inconvenience. A company that specialises in repointing houses will be able to carry out the work faster because they have the expertise and the right tools for the job. If they come across any issues in the brickwork or the pointing, they will immediately know how to make it right whereas, you might be left at a loss of how to handle the problem.

Waiting Too Long Can Cause Irreparable Damage

Should the brickwork on your house need repointing, it is far better to get the work done as soon as possible by professionals rather than wait too long. Leaving any pointing in bad repair can and will, cause irreparable damage to a property. If the work is carried out incorrectly, this too will impact the overall strength of the pointing too. It is crucial that home owners understand how pointing and mortar joints hold together the actual fabric of their houses and if this is damaged the consequences can be very costly indeed.

Having the work done professionally guarantees a job well done

Enhancing the Overall Look of a Property

Repointing brickwork on a property improves its overall look, adding not only character but value to the house.  Owners get to maximise the return on their investment by maintaining its overall appearance and structure. Buying a house is one of the biggest investments a person will probably make in their lives, so making sure the property is kept in good repair is essential. When it comes to reselling the house, if the brickwork and pointing in pristine condition, it will have a positive impact on would-be buyers.

Regular Inspections Are Necessary

After what can often only be called “gruelling” winters, it’s always a good idea to get brickwork and pointing looked at by the professionals. Chimneys in particular can suffer and may need repointing sooner rather than later especially after an extremely cold spell. If the pointing is weakened even slightly, it could cause the chimney to fall and do serious damage to the roof or any property that happens to be below.


It is essential to find a well-established and reputable company to carry out the work on your home because it is crucial for it to be done correctly. Experts know what work is involved and if there is an issue will know how to resolve the problem correctly with the minimum amount of fuss and inconvenience. However, you would need to get an estimate from the company you choose so you know just how much the work is going to cost. A reputable company would only be too happy to come and inspect the work needed before supplying the estimate. The fine art of repointing brickwork may look easy, but in truth its better left up to the experts.