Study and Preparation Materials for Civil PE Exam

Three key materials needed to prepare for the PE Exam, regardless of discipline, includes good reference materials, plenty of practice problems, and a sample exam. A core reference manual (if available in your discipline) is ideal, as it provides a quick method of finding formulas and solutions for the majority of the problems during your review, and on the exam. Below is a few suggestions for each reference. These are all trustworthy and references. Of course , you just need to select one of the suggestions under each category.

Primary ‘Core’ Reference Manual

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Practice Problems

Working problems is the key to mastering the materials, so a good set of problems is vital. As you work problems you can see where you efforts need to be spent the most.

Sample Exams

Try to take two sample exams during your review. Definitely take the one from the NCEES website (if available in your discipline) a few weeks before the exam, and take at least one more sample exam a month or so before the exam. Fine tune your review after taking the sample exams.

  • NCEES Sample Exam

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At Least One Additional Sample Exam. Options Include the following: