Give Your Home Some Character with These Exterior Hacks

Exterior Decoration

Trish Hartmann

When you renovate or redesign your house, you probably give a lot more thought to the inside before you start thinking about the exterior. But the outside of your home is the first thing you see when you get home every day, so you should give it some love and attention too. Some people spend some time sprucing up their home’s exterior, but they’re more concerned with making it presentable than giving it any character. However, there’s no reason the outside of your house shouldn’t be as unique as the inside. You might want to think more about fitting in with the rest of the neighborhood, but you can still let your tastes shine through.

Focus on the Front Door

Paying a little attention to your front door is a good place to start. It might be looking a little tired or just plain uninviting. It’s an easy thing to get creative with, and there are lots of ideas you can use without spending too much. You could give your existing door a fresh coat of paint, perhaps choosing a vibrant new color. Or if it looks a little past its time, you could also get a whole new door altogether. Other ways to make it look more inviting include a new knocker, hanging a wreath or putting porch lights on either side.

Use Different Types of Siding

If you want to address the exterior of your home as a whole, you need to look at the walls. You might be happy with what you have now, whether it’s exposed brick or paint. But many people choose to improve their home with siding, which is an efficient way to give your house a complete makeover. Make sure you pick a durable product such as LP Smartside diamond kote to ensure you get value for money. You don’t have to choose just one color for your siding. You could mix and match for a more creative look.

Install a Front Path

The area leading up to your home helps to make it more welcoming too, so why not put in a paved path? You could put in a path using some beautiful paving stones or even just create one with gravel. A path helps to connect the front of your home to the rest of the neighborhood, inviting people to take a walk up it. You could also install some lights alongside it, so at night you would even be able to sit outside.

Pretty Up Your Porch

Creating a beautiful porch could be the key to giving your home that extra edge. There are lots of architectural and decorative elements you can add to make it more appealing. Put in columns or railings to add some detail to its overall structure. You could even turn your porch into a living space, allowing everyone to sit outside with an iced tea and some good conversation.

Your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be dull and uninspiring. You can add some character to it, so the outside shows just as much of your personality as the inside.