Mobile Home Skirting Ideas

Mobile home skirting enhances visual appeal of a mobile home but it also increases its comfort and lowers energy bills. If you live in an area with cold climate, skirting will help you keep your home much warmer as it will protect the underneath of the floor from the cold air and winds. Skirting will also prevent various creatures ranging from rodents to insects and snakes from nesting underneath your home as well as from causing damage to your insulation, water lines and electric wires. The question therefore is not whether to install mobile home skirting or not. The question is which one to choose.

Listed below are a few mobile home skirting ideas including their pros and cons, hopefully, they will help you make the right choice:

– Aluminum skirting. It used to be the most popular mobile home skirting option because aluminum is strong, durable and does not get easily damaged. It is prone to corrosion but all aluminum skirting panels are chemically treated to be resistant to the outdoor elements. With aluminum skirting, you will not have to worry about rusting, rotting or termite infestation. The main disadvantage of aluminum skirting is that it is prone to fading, especially the darker colors.

– Vinyl skirting. It is inexpensive, weatherproof and easy to install. But it is not as durable as aluminum and other materials available, while many mobile home owners who installed vinyl skirting also report that they have problems with rodents chewing their electric wires and making holes in insulation. Vinyl may be tempting due to its low cost but it the long term, it tends to be one of the most expensive options available.

– Wood, particleboard and plywood skirting. Another option to enhance the beauty of your mobile home and cut the costs for heating is wood, particleboard and plywood skirting. The panels are chemically treated to be made outdoor proof and should not be vulnerable to water. But many people who live in regions with high moisture levels and frequent precipitation report to have problems with moisture and mold. Also, wood, particleboard and plywood will not stop rodents from chewing their way through.

– Simulated stone/brick skirting. It creates an illusion of real stone or brick but it actually consists of pressure treated wood framing to which are attached stone or brick like panels. Simulated stone/brick skirting looks beautiful but the wood can become a breeding ground for mold that can spread to the rest of your home.

– Concrete skirting.  It is the most durable and convenient of all mobile home skirting options.  It will keep the rodents and similar creatures away, will not rust, rot or get affected by mold or termites.  Concrete skirting is a little bit more expensive but considering that it lasts a lifetime, it can save you a great deal of money in the long term.  You can paint or stain it in any color you like but you may also leave the way it is and create the look of a site-built home.  The product you should look into if you are interested can be found at