Start Planning Your Home Construction with These Essential Tasks

So, you’ve decided to build a house. Perhaps you have owned houses before, but no matter where you live it doesn’t feel right. You might have an idea of your dream home in your head; one that makes green living easier or has all the latest home tech. But where do you start with your project? Building a house can take years, and it’s often the planning that requires a lot of your time. If you’ve decided you’re going to take a leap and start construction on your dream home, there are some essential things to take care of before construction can begin. Follow this plan to get all the technical details sorted out before you start building. 

Obtain Some Land 

If you don’t already own the land you want to build on, you’re going to need to buy some. This will be your first major expense, and you’ll need to factor the cost of the land into the total cost of the home. There might be several things you want to think about when you’re selecting your plot. You might just have a particular area in mind, and you’ll happily snap up anything that comes up. Or you could be thinking about which way the plot faces, the other structures and natural features that surround it, and, of course, the size. Select your land carefully so that you’re sure it’s suitable for the project you have in mind. 

Home Construction 

Come Up with a House Plan 

When you have somewhere to build, you need to work out what it is you’re going to construct. Many people start by finding a house plan online or from another resource. You can then adjust the plan to suit your needs, and it could be possible to do this without an architect. But others prefer to follow a custom home building process, where they have someone design their plan from scratch. An architect can work with you to develop something that meets your wants and needs, so it’s unique to you. 

Hire Contractors 

Unless you work with a company that will both plan and build your home, your next task is to find a builder. You should get quotes from different people and talk to them to see how well they understand your project and can carry it out. There could be some ways to save on the cost of your builder too, such as building in the off-season or sourcing some of your own materials. Your builder will oversee the project and bring in subcontractors to complete various tasks. Make sure you understand the breakdown of costs involved and read the contract carefully before you sign it. 

Construction Insurance 

You’ll need to insure the site appropriately before you start building. Banks will require you to have course of construction insurance and general liability insurance. If your builder has employees, you will also need workers’ compensation. Your builder might provide general liability insurance and will cover his or her workers’ compensation too. If he uses subcontractors, he doesn’t need to have WC. 

Planning your construction project can take a long time, but before you know it you’ll be breaking ground for your new home. It’s essential to take care of the official details first though.