How to Set Up Your Own Home Gym

Home Gym Set Up

If you have the space, you’ll find that setting up your own home gym is the key to boosting personal fitness right from your private residence. While you’ll need to spend money in order to get set up, you may save money in the long run, by avoiding expensive gym fees, gas for your car for gym trips and other gym-related expenses.

As well, working out at home is just so great because it will allow you to have total privacy. Whether you work out alone or with a partner or buddy, you’ll find that setting up your own home gym gives you tons of control over personal fitness. Here is some information about what to buy.

Purchase the Right Fitness Equipment

Among the top fitness equipment for your at home gym, you’ll benefit from choosing a barbell and plate set. This is a pretty vital piece of fitness equipment and almost everyone who sets up a home gym chooses to add a barbell and plate set. You’ll be able to do basic lifting which helps you to build muscle and burn calories. If you’re lifting heavy weights, always make sure that you have someone to “spot” you.

Gym Flooring

As well, you should think about which type of flooring is right for you. You’ll need to find flooring which protects your home and supports longer product life for your fitness equipment. As well, the flooring should help to dampen sounds. Some people utilize foam flooring of commercial grade, which fits together in squares. This is long-lasting and usually not too expensive.


Think about adding a couple of Kettlebells to your home gym setup. Kettlebells are very versatile and they will give you the power to do crossfit-style moves and other moves easily, because they are portable. These pieces of fitness equipment usually weigh between twelve and sixteen kilograms.

Protein Powder

Protein supplements like protein powder are a convenient and cost effective way of getting in vital amounts of protein just after a hard workout. Having a protein supply readily available at home is a convenient time saver, not only for yourself but also friends and family that may workout at your home gym. So instead of cooking a steak or eating a can of tuna after a workout, you could simply mix up a popular protein powder like the ON Hydro Whey with some water or milk and consume. As the time to prepare and consume is under 5 minutes it works well as an easy alternative to a high protein meal.

Workout Comfort Accessories

You may want to round things out by purchasing some fitness mats for sit-ups and other basic exercises. As well, if you can afford it, investing in one high-quality fitness machine, such as a Stairmaster or recumbent stationery bicycle, will be nice. Some people mount TVs above these machines, so they can catch up on their Netflix favorites or the news while they exercise.

Start Planning Your Home Gym

Now that you know the best forms of equipment to buy, you’ll be ready to plan and purchase. It’s all about selecting equipment which is ideal for your requirements and practical enough to offer tons of benefits.