Common and Expensive House Repairs for New Owners

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting adventure, but sometimes the fun and thrill of ownership are overshadowed by broken or damaged appliances and surfaces. Home repairs can take a big chunk out of your budget, so being prepared for the potential costs can give you an edge when looking at potential homes. Here is your guide to some of the most common home repair items.

HVAC Repairs

Ranging from between $100-$1100, there are generally two areas of concern for HVAC units. You have electrical and piping components, with the extent of the damage or location creating a higher cost. Homeowners can do a lot on their own to keep HVAC units functioning well, such as replacing air filters regularly, checking fuses, and removing clogs from drain lines.

Water Heater Challenges

When it comes to the water heater, you could be looking as spending up to $1400 for just repairs, though it depends on the unit you have. Repairs services for Lochinvar water heaters Indianapolis IN suppliers offer may be more expensive than trying to replace a unit that has already met its longevity.

Electrical Components

The danger present when dealing with electrical issues necessitates hiring a professional electrician to help resolve any issues. This contributes to the cost, as the average electrician makes up to $35 an hour. Electrical panels, wiring, switches, outlets, fans, and lighting fixtures are just a few of the things that may need an electrician’s expertise.

Roofing Repairs

The size of your roof and the architecture influence what costs you be facing for repair or replacement, though either option could set you back several thousand dollars. However, the structural integrity of your home relies on a protective covering, so you can’t avoid making the necessary fixes.

Having a home inspection done before you purchase a home can give an idea of the shape these items are in. You will also find out about windows, siding, appliances, flooring, and potential driveway repair needs.