Repair your roof this spring

Roof RepairIf your roof is in need of some repairs, you may be wondering when is the perfect time to get this done.  Spring is a great time to get your consider roof repair Ottawa citizens!  Read on to find out why.

Winter can be very tough on your roof.  Between the high winds, heavy snow, ice and the thawing and refreezing that occurs throughout the season, even a roof that is in good repair can end up needing some repairs.  If your roof is already in need of some TLC, winter make the problems much worse.  Early spring is a good time to have your roof repaired so that you don’t experience leaks and water seepage into your home, which can be costly to fix and dangerous to your family’s health.  Taking care of roof repairs before that happens can save you a lot of money and hassle.

It’s particularly important to have your roof repaired if your house is older.  On an older roof, the shingles and underlying structures have already been subject to the wrath of Mother Nature for many seasons, leaving them very vulnerable to further damage.  And when we say “older” roof here, we aren’t talking just heritage homes that are older than the century mark.  Even a roof that is just 15 years old can be vulnerable to weather damage as a result of winter’s harsh conditions.

What kinds of repairs can you expect to need in the spring?  One common area that can need some attention is loose or missing shingles.  Cold temperatures and damaging winds can make traditional shingles become very brittle.  When they lose their pliability, shingles can chip and break and eventually fall off the roof.  This leaves the underlying materials vulnerable because they are not designed to be the first line of defense against the elements – that’s the shingles’ job.  When the shingles are missing, the whole structure of the roof is vulnerable to damage.

Flashing is another area that may need repairs after the winter.  Sealants used on the flashing can also become dry and brittle, causing them to flake and fall off, compromising the integrity of the flashing.  When that happens, you are at risk of gapping that can cause a pretty serious leak.  Areas such as around the chimney are particularly susceptible to this.

Springtime roof repairs that are designed to fortify your roof can generally cost around $500, which can seem like a lot of money but when you consider that it would cost much, much more to replace your roof or repair the damage caused by a leak, that’s a small price to pay.  Always be sure your roof is being repaired by a reputable company that will do good-quality work for an affordable price, and back up their work with a guarantee.  This will ensure your roof is good and strong and ready to face those April showers.