Real Estate: Relocating in a Few Easy Steps

Relocating can be tough. If you’re a lone individual, it can be pretty bloodless. If you’re married with kids however, you’re in for some real hard work. The first thing to think about with relocating is where. Sounds pretty obvious, but most of the legwork is in this first step.

Home Relocating

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Think about why you’re relocating. Is it because of work, or just wanting some fresh scenery? If you’re relocating for a job your first priority is making sure you can get there. Know the roads. Explore public transport options. A place out in the countryside may sound ideal, but an hour drive to and from work will got old very fast. You can be a bit more liberal if you’re independently wealthy, but let’s not assume that.

Your job security is also an important factor. Can’t pay the mortgage without a salary. If you’re moving somewhere for work, make sure you have an alternative employer. Say the one software company in this town goes belly up, who’s going to employ you? You could start your own, but even that is incredibly risky.

If you have children, or are planning on having some, school placement is key. You need to find a school that is local, but also adequate. You didn’t move your family halfway across the country to ruin their futures with a bad school. Take your time, and do the research. Similarly, make sure there’s actually something to do in your new location. Taking the kids to the state’s biggest dirt mound will only be fun once.

Once you’ve found the perfect place to live, then you need to get into specifics. Where, to be precise. Of course I should point out you could build a home rather than buy one, but that’s not for everybody. You need to speak to a quality realtor. An agency that knows the area. If you’re a first time buyer you’ll need some help, like Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beazley, REALTORS® provide.

Here comes a hard part. Selecting viable homes, in viable areas. This means of course a ton of research. It won’t be fun or exciting, but you’re going to have to do it. Additionally, going to the dreaded ‘open houses’ to look around the place. As boring as they may be, it’s for the best. You might get lucky if they put sandwiches out for viewers.

Once you’ve found a place and sorted out the financials, you’re practically done. Besides the part where you actually move. If you’re big on minimalism and own no material possessions you’re going to be fine. However, if you’re a normal human being with a couch, not so much. Haulage companies are there to help. Just make sure you pick one with a good reputation. Cross your fingers nothing fragile gets broken, or maybe just pack it in your own car to take accountability if it does end up smashed.

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Once that nightmare is over, congratulations! You’ve moved into your new home safe and sound. That’s how you do a relocation in a few easy steps.