Contractor Compliance Issues- How to Manage Compliance in a Structured Format

Contractor Management

Big contract management is often about multiple issues with multiple contractors and multiple contract situations. Contractor A has a performance issue, Contractor B has OHS problems, and Contractor C is having problems caused by Contractor D, who’s delaying Contractor C from starting work. Sound familiar? Advanced new contractor management systems are creating a whole new contract management environment which is efficient, well-structured and able to deal with these issues as they happen.

This may sound too good to be true. The biggest single generic issue in contract management is dealing with performance problems. With large contracts, the “risk management” part of contractor performance is naturally exacerbated and expanded, and that’s exactly what these new systems are designed to handle.

There are actually two components in this process- Training and contractor compliance management.


The training component involves:

  • Online induction and/or related training onemployer business systems. Contractors can be given systematic training in relevant business systems, streamlining and enhancing communications andcreating a customized system for contract performance. This is actually a combination of orientation training combined with creation of a good, consistent operational working knowledge base for contractors. The huge advantage of this training is that it can provide detailed, accurate information for contractors regarding all aspects of contract performance and compliance.
  • OHS training- This is a critical part of any contract management system, and is often part of contractual obligations. It’s extremely important to ensure full contractor compliance in this area, which impacts directly on employers. By law, OHS training and providing appropriate OHS information to contractors in a workplace are mandatory obligations on employers. Failure to provide this training and information may result in prosecution and in some cases serious accidents.

Contractor compliance management

Best practice contractor compliance management involves creating an appropriate management and reporting system for each contract. This is literally a customized contract reporting system, providing information in real time regarding all aspects of contracts. This system is much more than an information system, however. It’s also a “rule book” for contractors and a ready reference point foremployers in sorting out any performance issues or other disputes. These systems create a structured environment which allows management to address issues on a real-time basis, including contract reporting functions and contract performance evaluations.

Modern enterprise content management systems are major assets for facilitating management of multiple contracts. For big contract management, they’re a dream come true for both contractors and employers. Employers now have a full picture available to them at all times. These systems operate as true management tools, enabling efficient contract controls as well as providing valuable data. They also provide a consistent working environment and knowledge base for contractors, eliminating grey areas and quite literally putting everybody on the same page. Doxim brings the easiest way for providing online statement access for your Customers

These training and compliance systems are the best possible tools to deal with all aspects of contract management. There are no gaps or grey areas in information provided for contractors, and with no areas of contracts uncovered for employers. Information is gathered systematically and transparently, using a commonly understood business system. This is the ideal structured format for best practice contract management.