Products That Function Well With Casters

A caster is a convenient tool that has a spinning wheel. The spinning function is a caster’s highlight feature as it gives a mobile product enhanced control on different terrains. This is why thousands of designers mount caster wheels on items that can be pushed around a space.

Grocery Baskets

Grocery carts have four wheels. The back wheels are locked in place, and the front pieces are casters. Without casters, a grocery cart can’t steer around corners in a grocery store. In order to guide a grocery cart around obstacles, both of the front wheels must tilt right or light. Because caster wheels spin 360 degrees, they can complete turns with ease in narrow aisles.

Maintenance Carts

In busy business environments, maintenance crews must implement procedures quickly to resolve common problems that affect customers. In most cases, workers will have to tackle jobs on different floors, and they must bring their gear to these locations by rolling a cart into an elevator. If an elevator is crowded, a worker can easily maneuver a cart with casters around people in the chamber. A cart with four casters is easy to control as it has the ability to spin and roll at various angles.


Furniture pieces that have 5 inch caster wheels help homeowners protect their floors during renovation and moving situations. Because furniture casters have smooth wheels, they don’t scratch tile or hardwood floors while rolling through a space.

Casters for furniture can roll over carpeting as well. The 5-inch options are ideal for shag carpeting because the larger wheels don’t generate friction or resistance while rolling over thick carpet fibers.

Besides these products, many manufacturers also use casters to manufacture other consumer items. Most designers place thin casters on lightweight items and thick casters on products that can support a lot of weight.