Commercial Diving Services

commercial divingUnderwater commercial divers are indispensable when certain projects and conditions present themselves and need to be constructed, installed, cleaned, maintained, repaired, dredged, salvaged or inspected.

The messiest and deepest waters, whether small or large, can be tackled by a well-trained and well-equipped team of experienced experts who are efficient and skilled in keeping the water safe, clean and functioning properly in its natural state.

Construction and Maintenance

These services include installation, repair, cleaning and inspection projects. It is important for the environment that our rivers, lakes and oceans along with man-made or commercial bodies of water, such as golf course ponds, be kept free of sludge, sediment and debris.

Inspection Services

The treacherous conditions of having to dive possible miles below the surface, dirty black waters, rocks and other debris require the most skilled and experienced divers. They use the most advanced systems and technologies in imaging tools and underwater systems to perform the very detailed underwater surveying.

Marine Salvage

The safety of our environment, people, and our armed forces is of primary importance. Working with the the US Coast Guard, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and a number of state and local governments has called on us to perform top-notch underwater services including wet well inspection, offshore maintenance, debris removal, marine salvage, wreck removal, pipeline construction and intake installation.

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