How To Prevent Plumbing Leaks

It is the American dream to become a homeowner. However, you have a responsibility to maintain your real estate property. If you have a leak in your house, then you should not delay calling a plumber Austin technician. Read on to find out how to prevent plumbing leaks.

Check Your Pipes In The Basement

It is common for homeowners to not check the visible pipes located in their home. If you have a basement, then this location is a good spot for finding visible pipes. Some homeowners never take this step because of not knowing what to look for. However, it does not take a expert to determine if something is wrong.

If you see rust on the pipes or drops of water, then something is wrong with your pipes. Daniel’s Austin plumbing company can send a technician to your home for a consultation. They can show you the location of your pipes and how to look for leaks.

Check Your Sink

You should check under your sink every so often. It is common for families to store items under their kitchen sink. An abundance of items can cause your pipes to leak. You should always take look under your sink to detect wet spots. It allows you to catch a leak in the early stages.

Check Your Water Heater

A leaky water heater could mean it is time to install a new one. It often occurs because the lining wears away. When this occurs, your water heater will start to drip water from the bottom. If you decide to install a new water heater, then you should install one with a drip pan.

Check Your Shower Sprout

Your shower sprout is another place to look for leaks. If water is dripping from this area, then it has to be a reason. It could be a defective seat or washer. These repairs are easy to fix. You will need to replace the washers.

Check Your Sink Trap

It is common for a leak under the sink to be on the back side. The back side is where your pipes connect to the wall. You can trace your sink trap along the wall to check for leaks. If a leak is in the sink trap, then you will have to disassemble the drain work.

Leaks are something you can not ignore. They can cause destruction to your home and cause problems with mold. A leak can also increase your water bill.

You should not try to make these repairs without getting professional help. Your awareness prevents a minor plumbing issue from becoming a major one.