Latest Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Updating your kitchen with the latest kitchen cabinet designs in many ways. You can go for Modular cabinets, glass doors, open shelving, wood, and more from Cabinet Manufacturer Denver, CO. There are also many types of hardware available. If you are not a fan of hardware, you can buy cabinet doors that open with a magnetic or mechanical push system. You can also get cabinet doors with integrated handles, or countertop edge pulls. Another trend is to expose the interiors of upper cabinets. These can be detachable or painted to create a focal point in your kitchen.

Modular cabinets

Modular kitchen cabinets are an excellent option for anyone looking to renovate their kitchen on a budget. These cabinets are made from a variety of materials and come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. They are also designed to be hygienic, so you can count on them to be easy to clean and maintain. They are also great for maximizing kitchen space and are flexible enough to be reconfigured to suit your needs.

Glass doors

One of the latest kitchen cabinet trends is to install cabinets with glass doors. However, it is not practical for all homes. Since glass is a delicate material, people with busy schedules and messy homes may not want to install glass cabinet doors. Additionally, if you have a large family, glass cabinet doors could make a kitchen look cluttered. Regardless of the type of glass you choose, clean them regularly.

Open shelving

Unlike closed shelves, open shelving offers a lot of flexibility and versatility. You can use it to display items you don’t want to hide away, making it easy to keep organized. You can even put cabinet doors on it, making it even more versatile. In addition, open shelves can be inexpensive if you don’t have time to install new cabinets.

Wooden cabinets

Adding a touch of wood to your kitchen design is an attractive option for anyone. Natural wood cabinets add warmth and texture to a kitchen while adding a contemporary style. They are also great for displaying decorative objects and adding character to a space.

European style cabinets

European-style cabinets feature flat, smooth surfaces. They are finished with high gloss paints, giving them a sleek, industrial look. In addition, most European-style cabinets are frameless to increase their functionality and aesthetic appeal. This style is perfect for those who want to keep their kitchen warm and to invite.

Colored cabinets

Colored cabinets in the latest kitchen cabinet designs aren’t limited to bright white. For example, a dark wood countertop or an upper cabinet with a bright teal shade can create a bold focal point. However, if you don’t like bright colors, you can use darker tones to anchor the room.

Stone and steel

For a modern kitchen, natural stone surfaces are a great addition. They can be highly polished without a glassy sheen and are a good match for white walls and incoming light. Likewise, the cabinetry should match the stone surfaces.

White cabinets

The white and gray palette is still on-trend and makes an excellent base for a modern kitchen. This look is beautiful with marble countertops and stainless-steel appliances. You can add pops of color with plants, artwork, or countertop decor—the right colors depending on your taste and your home’s natural light and scenery.