Green Roof System Specification

Green Roof Specs


A. Work of this section shall be governed by the Contract Documents. Provide design, materials, labour, equipment and services necessary to furnish, deliver and install all green roof work of this section as shown on the drawings, as specified herein, and/or as required by job conditions.

B. The work shall include but not be limited to the following :

1. Supply and install green roof system conforming to arrangements noted.

2. Submission of submittals and test results.

3. Supply, delivery, storage, hoisting and installation.


A. British Standards :
BS 8217 – 1994 – (Formerly CP 144) – Code of Practice – Roofing Works
BS 6229 – 1982 – Code of Practice – Flat roofs with continuously supported coverings
BS 8000 Part 4 1989 – Code of Practice – Workmanship on Building Sites

B. Swiss Standards :
SIA V 280 – Recommendation 1996 – Synthetic (Polymers) waterproofing membrane
SIA 271 – Code of practice – Flat Roofs


A. Manufacturer’s Qualifications:

1. For uniformity of the efficiency and future maintenance, all the products proposed for waterproofing shall be from the same Manufacturer or approved by the waterproofing membrane Manufacturer.
2. The waterproofing membrane manufacturer shall be certified within the frame of ISO 9000 series standards: ISO Certificate shall be available for Engineer checking at time of submission.


A. Deliver precast elements to job site in whole undamaged units, in conformance with the reviewed samples. For loose items deliver materials to the site, ready for use in the manufacturer’s original and unopened containers and packaging, bearing labels as to type of material, brand name and manufacturer’s name. Delivered material shall be identical to the reviewed submittals.

B. Store materials under cover in a dry and clean location, off the ground and remove materials which are damaged or otherwise not suitable for installation from the job site and replace with acceptable materials.

C. Deliver material to the project site in such quantities and at such time as will assure the continuity of the installation. Store material so as to prevent cracking, distortion, staining or other physical damage, and so that markings are visible.

D. Handle, transport, store and erect units in such a manner that they will not be overstressed or damaged.

E. At all times protect lifting hooks and devices from rusting with liquid galvanizing. Recess lifting hooks and after removal paint the cut ends with liquid galvanizing and fill the recess with grout.

F. Protect the work of other trades during installation and final cleaning.

G. The Contractor shall submit proposed handling and lifting procedures for approval by the Architect.


A. Flood tests 48 hours minimum after completion of the waterproofing works.
B. Restrict water run-off from membrane area by plugging drains and creating dams or dikes. Flood restricted area to depth of about 100 mm and maintain at this depth for 48 hours.