Kit Home Building – 5 finishing steps

Kit Home Building StepsKit homes are now more and more popular around the world. Building a kit home can save you money. By doing most of the work yourself you can make significant savings on labour costs and build an affordable home. Kit homes come in many designs and suit both rural and suburban areas. You can choose from either timber or steel frames, with steel being particularly good if your property is close to bushland as it is more fire resistant. Below are five finishing Kit Home Building steps to make your kit home a perfect work.


Painting both the interior and the exterior of your kit home is one of the last things to do to your home. Choosing colours for your home can be fun and where you get to unleash a bit of creativity. You may choose to keep your interior fairly neutral, which will mean that you have the flexibility of changing the colour theme of the room through your furniture and accessories. You might want to paint each room a different colour, perhaps a bright yellow shade for the kitchen, soft relaxing blues for bedrooms and a cosy deep red as a feature wall in the living room.


A garden finishes off the look of a home and will also increase its value. If you have built your new home on a vacant block or if you have cleared an area for your property you can improve the look of your home with plants, trees and an area of lawn. Work out what you want your garden to look like and even draw up a plan. This means you won’t just plant things randomly and end up with a garden that is a bit untidy visually.

Water tanks

If you have built your home on a rural block you will most likely need to install water tanks as it is unlikely you will have access to town water. If you are building a kit home as a weekend getaway then you might only need one or two tanks. If you are planning on living there full time then you will need to have big enough tanks to supply you with enough water. Water tanks are a good idea in the suburbs too as you are helping save water and once they are installed you will cut down on water bills.

Ceiling roses

If you have built a period kit home you can add extra finishing touches like ceiling roses. A ceiling rose will give your home an authentic look to suit the period of the home. There a many styles to choose from and you can add to it by picking out the detail in different paint colours.

Outdoor area

Australians spend a lot of time outdoors and no home is complete without a barbecue. Building an outdoor area gives you somewhere to entertain and eating outdoors gives the usual cook a break and encourages you to spend more time with the family and less time eating tea in front of the television. Put in a paved area or timber decking and invest in some comfortable outdoor furniture.