Keeping Crude Oil Storage Tanks on Your Real Estate Property? Get This!

One way or another, you’ve ended up with a storage tank filled with crude oil, which has been left on your property. We won’t ask questions, but now you’ve got to think to yourself – what are you going to do with this thing?

Oil Storage TankWell, the most important thing is to install a mixer that will prevent sludge from forming on the bottom – which would cause massive hazards down the line, as the inside of the crude oil storage tank become even harder to work in (and it wasn’t that easy in the first place!) The perfect mixer for nearly anyone’s, or any business’ needs, is the Twister, which is offered by Waterline Tank Technologies. Their equipment can quickly, easily, and with very little maintenance, handle a very large storage tank (particularly when more than one is working on a tank at a time).

Just how much will these mixers help you? Well, for one thing, with much less sludge on the better, entering the space will become extremely easier. You’ll be able to enter and exit, while not exactly as you please, but in a lot more efficient manner than before. You’ll also need to spend much less time within the constraints of one of these chambers, which, if it doesn’t help your peace of mind, could certainly help your health. While the right respirator should keep you safe on the inside, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, particularly when dealing with crude oil tank cleaning.

So install one of these mixers, and you’ll be ready to go for a while.