Fire Shutters: Why Businesses Need Them

When a fire occurs, a fire shutter may be the only protection from smoke or fire damage to a building or goods. Fire shutters are designed to improve protection from fire and smoke for an extended period. Advanced technology is utilized in building the shutters. Several different classes are available to suit a range of applications and establishments.

fire shutterThe shutters can be operated with a motor or manually. Shutters are activated when a fusible link melts. They are ideal for kitchen or cafeteria windows. Having fire shutters or a home is the ultimate in safety and protection. Enviroblind has published an article about theimportance of fireshutters.

Advantages of fireshuttersinclude:

· Help blocklight
· Deter potential intruders
· Privacy
· Noise reduction
· Home improvement

Neighbors will be envious. The added protectional so boosts the resale value of a home. Having the right product installed surrounds a home with a protective barrier.

Bushfire Areas

Glass windows are the most-vulnerable area of the home. In places prone to bush fires, taking preventative measures of protection is imperative. Embers from bush fires can break through glass and ignite a fire on the interior.

Radiant heat from a nearby fire can break glass from windows. Wind can carry radiant heat from as faraway as half a mile. A wind flash needs 131ᵒ F to break glass. That temperature is less than the boiling point of water. The temperature inside the house is 60 to 70 degrees cooler. The colliding temperatures cause the glass to break.

Roller shutters are the perfect solution. The installation is done on the home’s exterior. They fit directly in front of a window, concealing the glass area. Flying embers are prevented from hitting the windows and act as a fire protection barrier.

Theshuttersare made with aluminum that has a paintfinish coated with bakedenamel. Polyurethane foam is injected into the shutters acting as a suppressor of heat and cold and an insulator. They are unbelievably resistant to heat and fire. Temperatures must exceed 1470ᵒ F to break them down.

There are shutters that are not on rollers also. They have features similar to the rolling fire shutters. Made of steel, they operate easily and durability is maintained. Long term window protection is also provided.

New York

New York City businesses use fire shutters as an essential part of safety precautions. Theyserve as mini securitygates to protect businesses from vandal sand thieves. The shutters are designed for window openings, concession stands, and cashier windows. Size does not matter when security measures are being put into place.

Businesses in NYC use shutters that are made with the best materials and craftsmanship accessible. A wide choice of designs, materials, colors and finishes are available. Every store owner can have a secure and aesthetic shutter tailored to the specifications.

New York Gates has been providing protection for New York businesses for more than ten years. Uncertain economic times make security an essential investment. Thepeople of New York Gates provide unique client-care and personalized attention. They have a tailored solution that matches the client’s:

· Technical andbuildingspecifications
· Aesthetic preferences
· Budgets
· Security requirements

Theirsecurityprovisions can be foundall over thecity of New York. Throughout the Tri-state area, commercial food areas, malls, fast food drive-thrus, concession stands, and kiosks  and stalls at the stadium sport their products. Get in touch with them today for all your fire and security gate needs.