Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re standing in your bathroom thinking ‘this bathroom needs a change!’ perhaps it’s time to consider some minor renovations. Giving your bathroom a facelift can transform your bathroom space into a much more pleasant area and it can increase the value of your home. If the idea of remodeling your entire bathroom doesn’t appeal to you (or is just too costly) these custom design ideas might be the way to go!


Tiling can be a big job and usually requires professionals, but it can also make a big difference to your entire bathroom. If you don’t want to re-tile your whole bathroom, consider retiling different sections at a time or just one particular section altogether. Retiling your shower recess could be a nice touch or adding in some decorative tiles in a pattern along the walls can improve the look dramatically. For those on a tight budget, tile paint is also an option.

Redoing your flooring with new tiles can also transform your space and choosing larger tiles or budget tiles can help keep costs down. If this sounds good to you, choose a light tile color to create a bright and open feeling in the bathroom space.


Replacing your fixtures can also add a touch of shine to your bathroom. Consider replacing your old taps, faucets and showerhead with new ones that work to uplift your bathroom’s appearance. These are usually available in brass, chrome, pewter and you can customize your choice to suit your desired look.

Shower & Bathtub

Replacing your shower or bathtub is one of the most common ways to renovate a bathroom. While this will involve the help of professionals, it can also be enough to refresh your bathroom without having to change anything else. If your shower has a curtain, could you put in a glass door instead? Could you change your bathtub to be more modern or perhaps more Victorian? If you’re on a budget, stick to simple and cheaper designs to keep the costs to a minimum.


If your bathroom has no wall tiles or only half-wall tiles, giving the bathroom a paint job can also brighten up the space. Painting is quick and inexpensive and is easily doable yourself! Ensure you consult a painting specialist who can advise you on the right type of paint.

Cabinets, Sinks & Vanities

If your bathroom furniture is looking worse for wear, you may also want to consider replacing the cabinet, vanity or sink. Simple sinks and vanities can be acquired for fairly cheap (from Bunnings, for example) and you can install them yourself or hire a contractor. If you’re short on space, mirrored vanities are also a great way to combine a mirror and cupboard into one.


Accessories include things such as mirrors, towel railings and lights and all of these can be easily upgraded.

Mirrors are essential to any bathroom – consider upgrading your mirror, choosing a larger one or even adding a second mirror on another wall. Mirrors work to enhance light and the sense of spaciousness of a bathroom. Choose a frame that matches your desired design.

Towel railings are easily replaceable and you should choose railings that match your fixtures. Add in a second railing (or even some hooks) if you find you regularly lack hanging space, or you can even opt for a heated towel railing for winter.

Lights are also key when refreshing your bathroom’s look. Upgrade your light fixtures to something more modern or decorative. Replace your light bulbs regularly to ensure your bathroom remains bright and well lit.

Other Decorative Ideas

Floor rugs and mats will also help to create a unique appearance in your bathroom.
To create a sharp, modern look, choose a color that will contrast against your main bathroom color (e.g. dark mats on a white floor). If you instead want to brighten the room, choose a color that will blend more with the main theme.

Finally, small things like plants, candles, paintings, shelving, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and new clothes hampers can help to lift and define your bathroom.