Exploring the Technical Aspects of Room Additions

Adding an extra room to your house might seem like a simple task in thought, but the work is more extensive than you might think. The most challenging part is getting every part of the new addition to line-up and match with the older portion of the home. Below are a few areas that require experience and knowledge to get done right.

Foundations and Support

The foundation beneath your proposed room addition needs to offer substantial support for the materials you plan to use in construction. It does not have to mimic what is under the rest of the home entirely, but should somehow match or look complimentary. It is essential to get the base height correct unless you want to end up with a room that requires a step-down feature.

Access to the Rest of the Home

If you are attaching an add-on portion to the home from the back door area, you may not have too many problems in providing room access. If the addition is placed on the house in any other area of the side or back, creating an opening between the room and rest of the home is necessary. It is essential to determine how much extra support is needed when dealing with a load-bearing wall to keep your roof from sagging.

Joining at the Roof Level

All attempts should be made to construct a roof that matches the existing home. The addition should merely extend what is already there. An opening will have to join the attic of the addition with the attic for the house. Positioning the roof at different levels can set the entire home up for future roofing leaks and damage.

Matching the Exterior

You want to have home improvement specialists locate the same type of exterior product used on the rest of the home to use on the addition. If this is impossible, a little skill and expertise will lead to a product that looks great in combination with your other exterior covering.

Wiring and Plumbing

New plumbing installation is required if you are adding another bathroom. Configuration and planning of the pipes and drain to blend with existing plumbing take real know-how. Adding new wiring, outlets, lighting fixtures, and switches require connection to the electrical service panel.

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