Keep Your Car on the Road by Watching for These Problems

When you drive your car to work, the grocery store, and restaurants, you don’t think about all the parts that work together to get you safely to your destination. However, every car has lots of components, and if one of them breaks, your car’s performance suffers. Watch out for these issues that are less noticeable than other problems but still compromise your safety.

Low Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure is common during the cold months and can also result from small rips in your tires. Your car’s alert system should go off when the pressure in your tires gets too low, but you should inspect your tires before you drive anyway. When your tires aren’t properly pressurized, use a compressed air system Jacksonville FL to return them to their correct level.

Malfunctioning Sensors

The lights on your dashboard alert you to problems with your car, but sometimes the sensor system is broken. If a light turns on, contact your mechanic immediately, regardless of whether it’s yellow or red. If your car doesn’t display the problem indicated by the light, you have a sensor problem that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, your car might not alert you to life-threatening issues such as your brakes or airbags malfunctioning.

Worn-Down Brakes

You use your brakes almost every minute even when you’re driving on the highway, and as you wear them out, you get used to how they feel. Evaluate how long it takes for your brakes to work and listen for a grinding or squeaking noise. Don’t let your brakes get too thin, or they might not stop your car quickly enough.

It’s easy to become complacent when you drive every day, but you need to monitor your car for these problems. Remember, it’s always better to go to your mechanic over a false alarm than to get in a preventable accident.