Covering Your Cables on an Industrial Site

Pipe ProtectAny modern industrial site has a mass of wires. Whether they’re electrical, or mechanical, full of fluids, or air – you can be sure they exist. And you can be sure that a lot of damage could be caused by one of these wires acting like they’re not supposed to.

So what’s a construction site manager to do? Well, it’s simply. Protect them! How do you do it? There’s a couple possibilities. You could use trenching, where you dig into the ground and bury the cables there! But this has numerous flaws. It only works in specific locations, it’s time consuming, and once it’s done, you’ve got to dig all that soil back up again. So you probably don’t want to do that.

Many think that running the cables overhead might solve those issues – and it certainly solves a few of them. But really – the danger that arises from having massive amounts of wires overhead is enough to worry anyone, even on a person only construction site. Once you add in vehicles, and other dangers, it becomes an even scarier decision.

The way to go is with the new Brahman Boards, from Brahman Systems. These simple, safe, and easy to use all-steel, completely enclosed cable & hose protector do a great job at protecting wires while keeping employees safe and keeping your costs low. Plus, once the Brahman Boards are down, you won’t have to worry about messing with them until you’re done with the wires for good. And you just need a forklift to get them set up. You can’t get much easier than that!