How To Keep Tools And Equipment Safe And Secure On site

We all know how dangerous construction sites can be. There are hazards everywhere and dangerous chemicals. There are potential falling hazards and there are tools that can cause serious harm. There’s a reason why children are warned from going near them. 

However, there is also another danger on the construction site. That’s the danger of theft. As a site manager, it’s your job to ensure that all the equipment stays safe overnight. It’s also the job of every site worker to understand the potential and take action against it. Today, we’re going to look at six ways you can improve the security of tools and equipment. 

Site Safety

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  1. Security tags and tracking – First of all, it’s really important to identify your equipment. In the event that something is stolen you need to be able to get it back. The police will require ID codes and tracking numbers. For larger items, you can fit tracking devices on them and locate them via GPS. For smaller items and tools, it’s worth using an ID pen. That way, police can identify the item as yours once it is recovered. 
  1. Vehicle immobilisers – On site vehicles are notoriously easy to jump start, if you know how. It has lead to a lot of vehicle thievery in the past. One easy way to avoid this is installing immobilisers onto every vehicle. 
  1. Staff awareness and training – You should always ensure that site workers are aware of the risks. All workers should know where tools and equipment are stored and how they are kept safe. They should be trained in the techniques and process of itemising and securing equipment. More importantly, they should learn to understand if something is wrong or missing. Finally, everyone on site should understand their responsibility. Delegate the main security tasks at the end of every day. Make sure one person is responsible for checking the site and another for locking up etc. 
  1. Check in and check out procedure – This is a simple way to account for every piece of equipment. Use a checkout system when any worker needs a particular tool. That way you always keep a record of the last person to use a piece of equipment. A simple check in ensures that it is returned safely. 
  1. Locks and storage – The most stringent construction sites invest heavily in locks and storage. Nowadays, you can get your hands on specific storage for just about any piece of equipment. From gas cylinder storage to wire mesh cages, everything can be secured personally. Use these to securely store every piece of equipment and every tool on site overnight. 
  1. Inspection – The best way to handle theft is to be aware of it immediately. The faster you know something is missing, the easier it can be returned. At the end of every day and start of every morning, a full inspection should be made. Check the inventory and condition of every piece of equipment. This will also keep it in safe, working condition. 

It’s all about taking extra care and protection on site. Follow a strict procedure and make sure workers are trained in their responsibilities. Don’t let theft ruin your project.