Broadcast Flooring

broadcast flooring

Scope of work for broadcast flooring

The specified system of broadcast flooring shall provide a wearing surface with waterproofing properties.
The system is based on a solvent free epoxy, which has a good resistance to wear and chemicals.

Advantages of broadcast epoxy flooring

  • Good impact resistance
  • Skid-resistant finish
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Suitable for wet process area
  • High wear and abrasion resistance

System build-up  for broadcast system

1.If needed, moisture barrier (if > 4% pbw moisture content into the substrate)

Epocem Primer ( Primer coat)  1 x Epocem Primer  Approximately 0.15 Kg/m²

Moisture barrier (Body coat)  1 x Sikafloor 81 Epocem (2 mm minimum):  2.1 kg/m²/mm

2. Primer + levelling broadcast course

Wearing course 1 mm (Levelling layer) Sikafloor 161+ Silica Flour :Approx. 1,2 Kg/m²/mm  + 0.3 Kg/m²/mm

Broadcast onto fresh resin (Broadcast) Quartz sand from 0.3 – 0.8 mm or 0.6 – 1.2 mm  4 – 5 kg/m²

Sealing coat  (Coloured coat)  Sikafloor 264  0.7 kg/m² (minimum)

(Approx. system thickness from 3 mm, without moisture barrier)

Application of broadcast epoxy flooring system

Primer and leveling broadcasted course: Apply Sikafloor 161 and Silica Flour on a 1 mm thickness.
Broadcast the surface of the resin to excess to achieve the desired degree of slip resistance. Next day remove all excess by brush and vacuum.

Sealing coat: Apply a sealing coat of Sikafloor264 by roller or squeegee.
[NB. Certain colors may require a slightly increased consumption applied in two coats].