Insights into Contractor Licensing

Every prospective property owner wants to engage the right construction contractor. One of the things they would consider is whether this contractor has the right licensure. Unless they do, the project could be jeopardized.

What is a Contract License?

A contract license is a state-offered certificate that permits construction workers to work on projects. This licensure shows that the certified worker boasts enough skills, experience, and expertise to handle a construction project. In brief, this certificate shows that the individual is a legitimate professional in the construction industry.

Types of Contractor Licenses

Suppose you are in California. California contractor licensing regulations vary with the type of contractor licensing you want. You’ll choose from general engineering contractors, speciality contractors, and general building contractors. Each of these options requires a specific test. The tests will cost you between $100 and $300. Depending on the license, you’ll also part with an annual fee of between $300 and $3000. Usually, a general building contractor does everything on the construction site. Whether it is demolition, repair, or construction, the license allows them to handle everything they can on the property.

A general engineering contractor license allows an individual to handle any work requiring additional engineering skills or knowledge. Some of the tasks they can handle include working on water piping, chemicals, and even utilities.

On the other hand, a speciality license allows individuals to work in a specific area where they boast significant knowledge. For instance, one could get a license to work on elevators only.

Process of Getting a Contractor License

There are steps you’ll need to follow when obtaining your contractor license. They will often include the following.

  • Indicate your name or that of your organization, including the right addresses
  • Say what type of contractor you are
  • Submit your application, including paying for it
  • Pass the exam
  • Submit your other details, including biometrics
  • Wait for your license

Notably, this process takes a considerably short time. This period could be anywhere between 30 and 45 days.