What is Industrial Blending?

Blending MachineWhen thinking about the process of blending, it is easy to use the analogy of a blender in a kitchen. This is a preparation process that places materials that are often dissimilar in a well and uses a paddle or blade to combine them. With the exception of oil-and-water emulsions, which can tend to separate if allowed to sit for a while, often the result of this kind of mixing is a homogenous liquid when the process is done.

Industrial blenders like those at AIMBlending.com differ in size and capacity from home blenders, but they handle materials the same. Before the ingredients are placed into the large blenders, technicians decide what ratio of ingredients will be included and what desired weight they want to achieve in the final product. This weight will determine color, texture, particle size and other attributes.

Although many people use the words blending and mixing to mean the same thing, it is important to note that they are different. Mixing is generally used to refer to the process of mixing liquids with liquids or gases with liquids. Blending, however, allows manufacturers to mix different solids with a minimal amount of liquid. Mixing cement with coal ash is one example.

Many companies that use industrial blending on such a large scale create products or perform services that can be beneficial to the world environment. Waste management companies also mix sewage sludge with lime and sawdust to make it less hazardous. This is a process that can be helpful to the community as a whole.