The Importance Of Foundation Refurbishment

Foundation repair is a regular part of home maintenance, but it is also one that most homeowners tend to ignore. Your home’s foundation is too important to ignore, so be ready to contact one of the many foundation repair services Cleveland Ohio has to offer if you notice any of these signs.

Doors and Windows that Stick

There are many reasons why a door or window might stick and fail to open like it used to, but a settling foundation is definitely one of them. If you notice that several of your doors or windows have been sticking more than usual lately, you might have a small issue with your foundation.

Cracks in Your Walls

A shifting and settling foundation can cause the walls to crack inside and outside of your home. While you’re contacting someone to deal with a crack in your wall, you might as well have your foundation inspected and repaired, especially if you notice several cracks that have no other explanation.

Gaps in Your Caulking

Foundation problems may also be to blame if there are gaps between your caulking and your windows. Caulk should hold well enough without separating on its own, but a settling foundation could pull it apart.

Sunken Floors

A sunken floor is a sign that you have serious problems with your foundation. It’s unlikely that your floor will fall out from underneath you, but you might notice that the floor over your foundation gets lower and more uneven over time. You definitely need to call a foundation repair company if you notice that this is happening.

Wrinkled Wallpaper

Wallpaper that has been applied correctly shouldn’t wrinkle or tear on its own. If you notice that this is happening, the settling foundation could be causing the walls to shift with the rest of your house. This isn’t as severe as seeing cracks in your walls or gaps in your caulk, but it is still a sign that you might have an issue that needs to be addressed.

Most of these problems can be fixed rather easily if you address them directly, but the only way to stop them from recurring may be to fix your foundation. Contact a foundation repair specialist near you if you notice some or all of these issues in your home.