How to Take Good Care of Your Tools in Georgia

Good tools can be expensive but they are worth every penny as they allow you to complete tasks properly and efficiently. Naturally, it’s important to take good care of them, especially in Georgia where the hot and humid climate can cause rust or other damage to your tools. Here are some tips to care for your valued coworkers.


Tools require careful and regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. For cutting tools, you will need tool sharpening Savannah GA to help them stay sharp. The power packs of battery-operated tools should be kept charged and replaced if damaged or leaking. A tool should be carefully cleaned after the job is done. Tools with joints and moving parts should be oiled periodically to keep them moving smoothly.


When not in use, tools should be stored carefully and never left out in the elements. They should be kept in a dry place, so be careful with garages and basements. Although traditional places to store tools, they can get damp especially in humid climates. Hang tools on a pegboard or keep them in toolboxes. They should never be left lying on the floor. Power tools usually come in a hard plastic case. Store them in their original cases to prevent damage. Silica gel packs are a good idea to absorb moisture and keep your tools from rusting.

Repair Them When Needed

Each time you pick up a tool to use it, give it an inspection to find any damage. If find any, repair the tool before using it. Discard it if it is beyond repair. Damaged tools can cause injury.

If you work with your hands, your tools are your livelihood. Take good care of them and they will keep serving you well. They are an investment. Treat them as such.