Can Homeowners Insurance Cover the Cost of Water Damage Repair?

The need for homeowners insurance is never more painfully obvious than after an emergency situation that causes damage to your home. Water intrusion, no matter how it happens, can leave devastating amounts of damage to your home that needs to be repaired quickly to avoid mold and mildew. Below are a few ways that homes can suffer water damage and whether your home owners insurance policy will help pay for the needed repairs.

Water Leaks and Mold Remediation

The insurance policy on your home might cover the cost of repairs for water leaks under specific circumstances. There are times that a claim can be denied. If the damage appears to be from neglect of a roof, or pipes that have needed to be fixed for a period of time. Water leaks that are caused by unexpected bursting are normally covered. Covering the cost of mold remediation is hardly ever possible. This is due to the nature of how long it normally takes for mold to grow. You might be able to get the cost covered if it is wrapped up in the total assessment of damages at the time.

Storm Damage

Nearly all types of storm damage and resulting water damaged areas of the home are covered. For example, if large hail breaks out windows and the floors are damaged from rain intrusion, most homeowner policies will cover the cost of repairs. You need to be aware of any special policy requirements in specific areas, such as earthquake coverage, or flood and wildfire. These are not mandated coverage items, but you may not be covered by traditional homeowners insurance in areas where these natural disasters are common, or at a higher-than-normal risk.

Flooding With Leaking Pipes

A sudden leak in a major water pipe can leave areas of your home, or basement flooded. There are many insurance policies that will pay for the repairs, but it has to be determined as collateral damage from the pipe leak. The important thing is to get the water removed right away so that there are no lingering problems with mold.

Natural Flooding

Flooding from overflowing rivers, lakes, or unrelenting rains will cause water damage that is usually only covered by specific flood insurance. This is a critical type of insurance to have if you live in a flood plain. You can check with the tax assessor’s office and see if your area is listed as flood prone.

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