7 Major Uses for Telescopic Handlers / Telehandlers

Telescopic handlers are also known as telehandlers. They are widely used by businesses in the agriculture and construction industries. Unlike other forms of machinery, telescopic handlers are extremely versatile. They can be used to carry out a number of tasks, depending on the accessories attached to the telescopic boom. In this article we will talk you through seven major uses for telescopic handles.

 Telescope handler

Telehandlers are often used by businesses in the construction industry.

1. Move heavy loads to and from places

Businesses in the construction industry often have to move heavy loads to and from various places. Sometimes they will also have to remove heavy items from the back of delivery trucks. In order to do this they will need to use a telescopic handler with a pallet fork. This attachment is particularly useful for transporting bricks, blocks and heavy boxes.

Farmers also make use of telehandlers to transport items such as bales of hay. In order to do this they are likely to use a pallet fork or bale clamp.

2. Lift and place loads out of reach of forklifts

Although forklift trucks are often used in warehouses to lift and store items, they are often not tall enough to use on construction sites. If builders need to place materials on top of the roof of a house, they will simply use a telescopic handler to complete the task safely and efficiently. The alternative option is to use a crane, however telescopic handlers are often more affordable to hire and easier to use.

3. Ploughing snow

The whole world shouldn’t have to stop just because it’s snowed. Many businesses make use of telehandlers in the winter to remove snow from their sites and prevent it from slowing them down. In order to do this they use a snow plough attachment. Telehandlers are great for clearing sites and entrances so that staff can get to and from work. They also make work sites much safer during the winter.

4. Repairing tall buildings

When maintenance workers need to carry out repairs on tall statues or buildings, they will often use a telescopic handler with a work platform attachment. Work platforms are made of strong steel and come with non-slip floor plates and rails. They are controlled electronically and can be fixed, rotated and extended using the telescopic handler.

5. Cleaning up sites

Telehandlers are also used by businesses in the construction industry when they need to clear up a site and remove waste. In order to do this they will usually attach a general purpose bucket to their telehandler. The machine can then load, carry and dump waste products. Some telehandlers have broom attachments which are also fantastic for sweeping up construction sites.

6. Tree surgery

Tree surgeons often use telehandlers so that they can access parts of trees that are usually out of reach. Using the telehandler they can check the health and safety of tree, prune branches and fill any cavities that have appeared in a tree trunk.

7. Waste and recycling

Today many businesses in the recycling industry use telehandlers to transport waste. In order to do this they make use of buckets or selector grabs. Some telehandler models can also be fitted with breakers which are useful for down-sizing materials before they are put through crushers.


Telehandlers are often used alongside cranes and forklift trucks on construction sites.


Although many people think that telehandlers are just used by builders on construction sites, they are actually used by businesses from a wide range of industries including agriculture, tree surgery and recycling. For companies needing a telehandler for a short period of time and/or wanting to trial one there are companies who will rent telehandlers.

The great thing about telehandlers is that they are so versatile. With the use of different attachments they can carry out various different tasks quickly, efficiently and most importantly, safely.

Image credits: ell brown & brownpau